Get a better view.

Meet OMstead. Part Asian temple, part Montana homestead.

Are you looking for a retreat venue that celebrates the wild beauty of Montana, but without the wagon wheel chandeliers? We promise it exists-high on a mountain outside Bozeman, Montana.

Twenty-two acres of forested land. Sweeping mountain views. Solitude without social isolation. Slightly peculiar, completely on point. Unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Come find your place here.


An event space unlike anything you've seen before.

The three-story dwelling blends the comforts of contemporary design with family-style living. There’s space to cook and connect, dream and relax, and an open floor plan to give shape to new skills and intentions.

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Expand your horizons with OMstead-hosted events.

Ready to shake things up? We’re ready to rock your world. From wilderness survival skills to Ayurvedic bliss, we’re here to deliver something new.


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Bring your people together.

We're not here to tell you how to use the space, we're here to curate all the comforts. You direct the experience, we take care of the details.


Share your vision.

Bring your people to the place where anything feels possible. Step out of the blur of daily life to find clarity, improve skills, and realize new intentions.


Give new direction.

Twenty-two acres of wild beauty create an ideal outdoor classroom for hands-on learning. Not looking to run with the wolves? Find sanctuary in our indoor classroom. After all, we're beautiful inside and out.

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Find your tribe.

Meet the people who share your vision for what’s possible, and inspire you to go after it.


Get clear.

Use our natural classroom to expand your comfort zone and get clear on what matters in your life.


Take a deep breath.

Take in the mountain views. Connect with new friends in the beauty and comfort of our space. We’ll do the details — you do the relaxing.

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SEPTEMBER 12—15, 2019

vipasana meditation and mindful movement retreat

Hosts Vicki Overfelt and Scott Moore



+1 208 720 5837

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